Project Erasmus+ International ICT Competitions for Increasing the Quality of Secondary Education

Project of activity

S. João da Madeira (Portugalsko)
November 2015

The first TPM meeting took place in Portugal in S. João da Madeira in the period from 9 to 12 November 2015. Here we selected the logo and the slogan of the project and discussed the issues of organizing school rounds of competitions (competition time, evaluation, dates, number of tasks), creation of ECDL clubs where students prepared for competitions and ECDL tests.

Mendelova střední škola
Nový Jičín March 2016

The 1st international student meeting and the second teacher TPM was held in March 2016. The main purpose of the five-day meeting of students was their preparation for the competition (in the form of training examples) and then the competition itself. The students also participated in a workshop - using 3D printers and took part in economics lesson taught with CLIL method.

Escuela F.P. Salesianos Juan XXIII
Alcoy - October 2016 

From the Reconquista Hotel, some of them went to school through a "the city of bridges," as Alcoy is generally known, and they could watch the breathtaking view of the Alcoy. On the first day during the opening ceremony, Vicente Enrique Picó, director of the school, was introduced to the character of Salesian founder Don Bosco. During the whole stay we have visited many interesting places.

General Lyceum of Meliki
March 2017

III. International meeting of students and teachers was held at the Lyceum of Meliki from 27th to 31th March 2017. The main goal of this meeting was the conduct of the 3rd International ICT Competition. The competition topic  dealt  with essential OFFICE package with tasks entered in English language. From each participating country  - Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and Greece were chosen 4 students who arrived with their teachers (at least 2 from each country).

Privatna jezična gimnazija PITAGORA SPLIT October 2017

The  IV. short-term student exchange was held in Split from October 23rd until October 27th 2017 as activities in the Erasmus+ project called „International ICT Competition for Increasing the Quality of Secondary Education“. Schools involved in the project come from 6 countries.  The main activity during the project week was the international competition in using Office applications held on October 25th in PJG „Pitagora“ in which 23 students took part.

ZSTiP w Nowym Targu
March 2018

TPM– the major element of Erasmus+ project called „International ICT Competition for Increasing the Quality of Secondary Education“ student exchange, was held in Nowy Targ from 19th to 23rd of March 2018. The schools involved in the project come from six countries: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic and of course Poland. The main activity during the project week was the dissemination conference and the sum-up of the whole project on 21st of March.