Project Erasmus+ International ICT Competitions for Increasing the Quality of Secondary Education

Nový Jičín (Czech Republic)

2nd Teacher Meeting and 1st International Competition (March 2016)
The 1st international student meeting and the 3nd teacher TPM was held in March 2016. The main purpose of the five-day meeting of students was their preparation for the competition (in the form of training examples) and then the competition itself. The students also participated in a workshop - using 3D printers and took part in economics lesson taught with CLIL method. From March 7 to 11, 2016, an international student and teacher meeting, which is part of the Erasmus+ project called International competitions for increasing the quality of secondary education was held at Mendelova Secondary School in Nový Jičín, at its workplace in Dukelská 350, Šenov u Nového Jičína. As part of this meeting, an international ICT competition was organized on Thursday 10 March 2016 (controlling of the office packet OFFICE with tasks in English). From each country (Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Poland and of course the Czech Republic) 4 best students selected from the school round in each school took part. They were accompanied by two teachers. 24 students competed altogether (including 4 Czech students). The competition aimed to test students´ knowledge of information technology. Students had to take part in all three competition parts (text editor, spreadsheet, presentation program) in the version of Microsoft Office 2013 and LibreOffice. The results of the individual parts were summed up and determined the final order. In addition to the individual competition, a team competition was also evaluated. Each contestant had 45 minutes to process each part. Students in the first six places were awarded valuable prizes, including a tablet, action camera, portable HDD, headphones, and more. Ruben Fernandes from Portugal won the 1st place, his schoolmate Rui Costa took the 2nd place and the 3rd was student from Mendelova secondary school in Nový Jičín Lukáš Jiříček. In the team competition won students from Agrupamento de escolas Dr. Serafim leite from Portugal, the 2nd place took Mendelova secondary school in Nový Jičín and the 3rd place belonged to Escuela FP Salesianos Juan XXIII from Spain. The award ceremony was held in the historic premises of the municipal office in Senov u Nového Jičína. Certificates of participation in the project meeting were handed over in an assambly hall of municipal office in Nový Jičín. Among the rare guests we welcomed the mayor of the village Šenov u Nového Jičína Mr. JUDr. Karel Třetina, the representative of the Moravian-Silesian Region Mrs. Ing. Jana Trombíková and Mgr. Andrea Matějková, the representative of Regional Authority for the Further Education of Teachers and Information Centre Nový Jičín, Mrs. Mgr. Blanka Kozáková. Within the weekly project meeting students and their teachers visited company Microsoft Office in Prague, technical museum in Kopřivnice, old historical town Štramberk, so called „small technical centre“ in Ostrava and museum Novojičínska. At the same time, they fulfilled the practical ICT tasks in a new tablet classroom, participated in CLIL teaching (use of English in economics) and became familiar with the principle of 3D printers.

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