Project Erasmus+ International ICT Competitions for Increasing the Quality of Secondary Education

Privatna jezična gimnazija PITAGORA

5th Teacher Meeting and 4th International Competition (October 2017)
On Monday (October 23rd) a welcoming ceremony was organized at PJG „Pitagora“ with the presentation of the program for the entire week. After that, the teachers had a TPM meeting where they discussed the conduct of the 4th international ICT competition. During that time, the students were divided in two groups: one group practiced on computers tasks similar to ones for the competition, while the other group had a lecture on 3D printing. After an hour, they changed places. Later that day, teachers held another TPM meeting on the correction of the tasks and in the evening hours everybody participated in a guided tour of the old town of Split. On Tuesday (October 24th) everybody participated in a visit to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture where distinguished professors from the University held presentations and gave a tour of different university sections. After the visit to the faculty, everybody enjoyed a visit to the forrest-park „Marjan“ located inside Split where another guided tour was held by the employees of the forrest-park. On Wednesday (October 25th) students took part in the international competition from 9:30 until 12:30. Teachers started evaluating their work already after the first part of the competition (text editor tasks) ended. After the competition, everybody visited the Museum of the city of Split and learned more about the history of this ancient city. In the evening hours, the teachers held a working dinner, and the students had a gaming night. On Thursday (October 26th) an excursion to the national park „Krka“ was arranged. The park is close to the city of Šibenik so a private bus was arranged for the whole group. After the park, everybody went to the ethnoland called „Dalmati“ where they learned more about the culture of this part of Croatia. In the late afternoon hours, everybody visited the ancient city of Trogir located next to Split and had a tour around the old city center. On Friday (October 27th) the ceremony for the announcement of the winners of the fourth international competiton was held in PJG „Pitagora“. The results for the two categories are: THE BEST INDIVIDUAL COMPETITORS 1. Gustavo Martins (Portugal) 2. Daniel Lechovič (Czech Republic) 3. Tiago Pinto (Portugal) THE BEST SCHOOL Agrupamento de escolas Dr. Serafim Leite (Portugal). After the announcements, teachers held a TPM meeting on the distribution of the tasks for the next international competition which will be held in Poland in 2018. During this meeting, the students exchanged all their photos and videos of the project week. Just to say farewell to everybody, a small lunch buffet was organized inside school.