Project Erasmus+ International ICT Competitions for Increasing the Quality of Secondary Education

Nowy Targ (Poland)

VI. Teacher Meeting and V. International Competition (March 2018)
On Monday (March 19th) there was a welcoming ceremony was organized at ZSTiP Nowy Targ with the presentation of the program for the entire week. The next point in the schedule was a sightseeing tour around the school. After that, the Erasmus group went to Niedzica, where they could visit a water dam and an electricity plant and learn their history and how they work. Another destination point was the Podhale Geothermal Plant and a tour the facility with a lecture on geology and power engineering. On Tuesday (March 20th) students participated in a group work session in a form of a workshop entitled “A trip to Vienna”, in which they had to use their knowledge of MS Office as well as creativity to prepare a trip. Meanwhile the teachers had a project meeting. The second part the group spent in Wieliczka, where they had a chance to visit a unique salt mine and learn its history. On Wednesday (March 21st) everybody took part in dissemination conference in ZSTiP’s conference hall. During the conference the students presented all the meetings in partners’ countries and shared their unforgettable impressions. After that project’s coordinator Mr Zdenek Matus presented the main outcome of the Erasmus+ Project – the ICT Brochure. The conference was attended by the authorities of Nowy Targ as well as the Principle of the Mendelova School. After the official part of the day the group visited the winter capital of Poland – Zakopane. They could see the famous Krupówki Street as well as some other popular attractions like the ski jump Wielka Krokiew or Na Pęksowym Brzyzku Church. In the evening the teachers had a working dinner and the students could spend their time bowling. On Thursday (March 22nd) an excursion to Kraków was arranged. Kraków is one of the most famous and oldest cities in Poland and the Erasmus group could sightsee the underground of the very old Kraków Market. After that they had a guided trip around the city. They could not only see the most important monuments of Kraków but also learn its amazingly interesting history. On Friday (March 23rd) the students went to Episode Escape Room where they had to use their wits and cleverness because they had to escape from specially prepared rooms filled with puzzles. It was not easy, only one group managed to do so, but everybody had a great time. After that the whole group had a drone flying course at ZSTiP School. The last point in the day’s schedule was a farewell party. Firstly, the participants were handed the certificates. Secondly, there was the announcement of the winner group for the project “Trip to Vienna. Finally, there was a lunch after which everybody could say goodbye to one another which was not an easy thing to do as the project has brought the people close together. The meeting in Poland was the last one in the project. The participants had a wonderful time but they also spent it productively.

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