Project Erasmus+ International ICT Competitions for Increasing the Quality of Secondary Education

S. João da Madeira.(Portugalsko)

1st transnational meeting - listopad 2015
The first TPM meeting took place in Portugal in S. João da Madeira in the period from 9 to 12 November 2015. Here we selected the logo and the slogan of the project and discussed the issues of organizing school rounds of competitions (competition time, evaluation, dates, number of tasks), creation of ECDL clubs where students prepared for competitions and ECDL tests. Specific areas of each category were also discussed. A schedule of training and competition examples and organization was also developed (which school prepares individual categories – text editor, speadsheet and presentation program). It was also necessary to discuss the necessary expenses from the individual budgets of schools (prizes to competitions, prices for ECDL tests etc.). The first international student meeting in the Czech Republic including competitions and teacher TPM was planned there as well. During the stay we also met the school management and visited a lot of interesting places. The 1st international student meeting and the 3nd teacher TPM was held in March 2016. The main purpose of the five-day meeting of students was their preparation for the competition (in the form of training examples) and then the competition itself. The students also participated in a workshop - using 3D printers and took part in economics lesson taught with CLIL method.