Project Erasmus+ International ICT Competitions for Increasing the Quality of Secondary Education

General Lyceum of Meliki (Řecko) Greece

4th Teacher Meeting and 3rd International Competition (March 2017)
On Monday, March 27th the official welcome of foreign missions took place in Melikis’ Town Hall. The director of our school, Mr. Stefanos Koufopoulos warmly welcomed teachers and students to a brilliant event. During this event, musical and dance program was held where the talent of our students emerged. Then, we visited the Folklore Museum of Meliki .Our visitors had the opportunity to come into contact with the folklore culture and history of the area. Our program continued with Greek traditional dance lessons at school for students while the teachers discussed the details of the competition On Tuesday, March 28th students had training lessons in ICT labs and teachers discussed issues connected with the competition. Then we visited the winery of Chrisohoou in Naussa, where the teachers had the chance to taste some fine wines. After lunch we visited the archaeological site of Mieza. Mieza was a village in Ancient Macedon, where Aristotle taught the boy Alexander the Great between 343 BC and 340 BC. The day ended with a guided tour of Veria Wednesday, March 29th was the competition day. The main goal of this competition was to check students´ knowledge on information technology. Each student had to participate in all three parts of the competition (text editor, spreadsheet, presentation program) in a version of Microsoft Office 2013 or LibreOffice. They had 45 minutes available for processing each part. The results from individual parts were counted and determind the final ranking. After the competition teachers and students visited the local church of Meliki and they discussed with the priest. In the evening a working dinner took place where the teachers evaluated the whole competition, discussed pros and cons and suggested possible changes. On Thursday, March 30th we visited Meteora, a formation of immense monolithic pillars and hills-like huge rounded boulders which dominate the local area. Students and teachers were impressed by the unique view. This place is also associated with one of the largest and most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece. Thus, we had the chance to visit two of the monasteries that exist in the area. On the way back we visited Platamona a very popular vilage at the seaside. On Friday, March 31st initially we visited the archaeological museum of Vergina a very important museum where there are four separate tombs and the “Heroon”, a small temple built for Phillip II of Macedon. Then the headmaster of the school announced the results of the competition: Final Ranking (students): 1. Ivana Barošová Czech Republic 2. André Soares Portugal 3. Jan Balo Czech Final Ranking (schools): 1. Portugal 2. the Czech Republic 3. Spain and awarded the participants‘ certificates. After that the students participated had the chance to evaluate the whole meeting. The meeting ended with a farewell party at school with live music and greek traditional dances.