Project Erasmus+ International ICT Competitions for Increasing the Quality of Secondary Education

Alcoy (Spain)

III. Teacher Meeting and II. International Competition (March 2017)
For example, the El Serpis olive company, where Pablo Verdu, an agricultural engineer and guide, showed us the history of the company, the current production, and the innovative future of this leading European company. The colour, music, atmosphere and freshness surprised European students and teachers after visiting a museum called the Museo de la Festa where the Alcoy tradition was drawn. In addition, thanks to the Explora Tourist Interpretation Center, they learned more about these traditions, gastronomy, "The Three Wise Men", the famous puppet theater "Betlém de Tirisiti" etc. Then they visited the María Auxiliadora Sanctuary directly in the historical center of the city. The following day, all pupils and teachers visited training workshops on telecommunications, administration, management and business activities. In these workshops, they could try to assemble an electrical circuit, get acquainted with stock-exchange and stock trading activities, view the latest packaging techniques, or explain how to make an electronic signature. They also visited Guitarras Alhambra's leading guitarist, located in the neighboring town of Muro. It opened his door to students who were interested in the manual production of these musical instruments. There was also an evening meeting that included a wide range of leisure activities on large school playgrounds. The students played a lot of interesting sports and movement games, while the teachers discussed some details for the upcoming competition. This exhausting day ended in a working dinner. On Thursday, the competition itself took place, which again consisted of tests from a text editor, spreadsheet and presentation program. In the evening, a farewell party was held at Filā Judios, where European students and teachers dazzled Moorish and Christian pastime. Served was the classic "filà" menu. The party ended with the performance of the "marcha mora" (a composition used in parades of Moors and Christians) attended by students and teachers. On Friday, the main focus was on the local university and its surroundings. The reception was held in the aule. After that, everyone could see the Jacquard loom and his work, or a programming classroom, where virtual reality was used, which students could try on their own. The award ceremony and certificates were held at the Salesianos Juan XXIII School. Student Marcos Llopis prepared a video with photos of the entire week. Then the five best individuals were awarded: Lukáš Jiříček, Kateřina Glogarová, Lais Silva, Ana Henriques, André Rosa Henriques; and also the three best teams: the Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain. After the ceremony, a good atmosphere was felt and everyone remembered the beautiful moments spent together. They were all grateful not only for the warm welcome, but also for the great organization that the Alcoy school had prepared, but also for good weather, good friends and a week spent in Spain.

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